1Addressing FGM, Early Marriage, Harmful Traditional Practices and Unsafe Abortions in Urban Informal Settlements08:00Tsavo Ballroom
2Accelerating Actions for SRHR of Women and Girls Living in Urban Informal Settlements09:30Tsavo Ballroom
3Break11:00Tsavo Ballroom
4Advancing Access to Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Africa11:30Tsavo Ballroom
5Exhibition/Community Zone/ Concurrent Sessions World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) Symposium13:00Tsavo Ballroom
6Human Rights, Legislations and Policies to Advance SRHR of Women and Girls in Urban Informal Settlements14:30Tsavo Ballroom
7Technology and Innovative Approaches for Delivery of SRHR to Women and Girls Living in Urban Informal Settlements16:00Tsavo Ballroom
8Urban Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Health in East Africa17:30Tsavo Ballroom
1Arrival & Registration of Delegates08:00Tsavo Ballroom
2Opening Ceremony09:00Tsavo Ballroom
3Setting the Context (Presentation of background paper (Youth understanding of AYSRHR situation in Urban Slums))10:30Tsavo Ballroom
4Keynote Address (ICPD platform of Action: Youth Involvement in post ICPD +25 focusing on youths working in slum communities)10:50Tsavo Ballroom
5Group Photo and Coffee Break11:00Tsavo Ballroom
6Opening Plenary Discussion (Discussion and feedback session: Achieving demographic dividend while involving young people)11:15Tsavo Ballroom
7Breakout Ignite Sessions (Living the dream- Extraordinary stories by young Africans that exemplify ending harmful practices)12:15Tsavo Ballroom
8Lunch13:45Tsavo Ballroom
9Debate (PROS and CONS of safe abortion and CSE in Africa)14:30Tsavo Ballroom
10Reactions from the Audience (My ICPD+25 story)15:30Tsavo Ballroom
11Coffee Break16:00Tsavo Ballroom
12‘I am an SRHR youth advocate’ - What does it mean and why are youths shying away from the R aspect17:30Tsavo Ballroom